Todd Auction Method

The Todd method of selling at auction is an exact science, born of extensive experience, care and skill. This method is based on the Todd Philosophy that presentation of property in its most desirable aspect, not only satisfies the buyer, but also brings more money to the seller.

Enthusiastic crowds of prospective buyers come to every sale. Many interested prospects mean competitive bidding, and consequently, more dollars for you. Year after year our highly successful sales have increased buyer interest all over the country. As a result, the number of bidders who are familiar with our sales and who know they can trust J. L. Todd continues to increase.


Every day we receive letters written by people from all over the country, who have either purchased or sold property through J. L. Todd Auction Company.

The large drawing power of J. L. Todd auctions and the importance of the property we sell, have prompted newspapers throughout the world to report on our sales. It is quite common for interesting sales to be carried on nationwide television.


We believe that time is money. A Todd auction is the quickest way to convert what you own into immediate cash. If you are ready to retire and free yourself from a confining business…or you wish to move, and need cash in a hurry . . . if you are the executor of an estate that requires prompt liquidation… or you represent a bank that wishes to convert some properties to make other investments, then the Todd Company can make money for you, while saving time.

auction-method01When you sell your property at auction, you put your problems directly into the hands of interested experts. They will analyze your property and consider its most important features, prospective market, expected price, and the most effective way to promote its sale. All this is carefully done on a definite schedule, insuring a smooth, efficient operation and a successful sale.

Before sale day, Todd representatives who are already familiar with the property, will be on the grounds to acquaint people with the buying points. On sale day, all details for a successful auction will be completed and buyers will be ready to buy.

The Todd method is the ideal means to settle estates, sell businesses, real estate and every type of personal property. Courts, trustees and businessmen everywhere are convinced that a well-advertised, professionally managed auction is the best way to determine a fair market value.

The J. L. Todd organization, with 90 years of experience in the widest possible variety of sales, has a reputation of integrity, dignity and success matched by no one else.


After you notify us that you wish to sell your property at auction, we will send one of our agents to call on you. He will examine your property, answer your questions and fully explain how a J. L. Todd auction is conducted.

The preparation and sale of your property will be discussed at a regular staff meeting to determine which aspects of the Todd Method to emphasize. At this meeting, arrangements are made for each department to simultaneously go into action – the surveyors, the men who tag and line up personal property for sale, the advertising agency and public relations personnel.

After these critical decisions are made, you will be contacted as to the arrival of the civil engineers. These men are experienced in metropolitan property, farms, timberlands, subdivisions, and recreational property. They also are familiar with planning board procedures, and understand that your success is their success.

Your property will be subdivided into appropriate smaller tracts for selling purposes according to existing roads, streams, bodies of water, and other natural and logical divisions. This will enable us to make the property more saleable by offering it whole or subdivided.

Our staff is available at all times to help you with any problem that may arise before, during, or after your sale. Being totally experienced in the Todd Method, our staff can prepare deeds, manage all of your auction and answer any questions you may have regarding taxes, inheritance laws, corporate situations, and capital gains. A member of our executive staff is available to attend all auctions, answering questions that arise right on the spot.


The excitement runs high on sale day. It is the culmination of the Todd Company’s efforts over the past several weeks or months to be sure that everything progresses according to their satisfaction and yours.

auction-method02Well in advance of auction time, the tent crew will arrive and erect the tent, cattle rings or whatever is needed to conduct your sale. If the auction is to be held away from the property, a ballroom, armory, gymnasium or other suitable location will be made ready. Food and drink will be available to all those attending the sale.

An adequate staff including auctioneers, bookkeepers, salesmen and assistants, will be present to properly conduct your sale.

As buyers begin to arrive, the salesmen will distribute plats, equipment lists and brochures, answer questions, show property, and welcome everyone.

At sale time. the auctioneer will mount the platform and explain the rules of the auction, the sale restrictions, and the rights of the seller, the buyer, and the auction company. As he speaks, the groundsmen spread out through the crowd. It is their duty to see that there is no confusion and that the auctioneer hears every bid. They will also explain to the bidder how to accomplish his desired results.

Our alert groundsmen keep the bidding brisk and in high key, even under the pressure of auction selling.


As soon as the auctioneer declares, “SOLD,” the cashier computes the amount of the bid and the terms. He prepares a contract which an officer of the J. L. Todd staff takes to the purchaser for acknowledgement. All of this is done in a matter of minutes, then the next item of the sale is up for the auctioneer’s cry. Once the pace is set, there is no let-up until the gavel rings down on the last sale of the day.

When the sale is over, the J. L. Todd cashiers, clerks, and executive staff will meet with you and account for all of your money and property. You are then given a written account of each item sold and who bought it.

We know J. L. Todd Auction Company can serve you. If you have property to sell and would like to talk with a J. L. Todd agent at no expense and under no obligation, please call us, e-mail us or drop a note in the mail. We will contact you promptly.


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